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Archive for August, 2006

2 for 1 in 3 of 3

From the three of three department: SOCIAL-LAND P and M have bought a new house. We had a party, with pizza and beer, for all the people who would have worked hard at moving boxes and crap had P&M not paid somebody to do all the work. Pizza and beer taste better when you didn’t [...]


From the two-of-three department: My sister has managed to make a house-buying decision approximately five years earlier than anybody expected (for those of you not playing along at home, my sister never does anything quickly, or on time. This trait comes into play later in this story. Now you have something to look for so [...]


From the one-of-three department: Well, it has been a month so of course I have gotten my hands on some new gadgets. The latest gadget acquisition is a new MP3 player. I got an iRiver H320. You can’t buy these in stores anymore, so I had to go to this really large mall in cyberland [...]

A trio of posts

From the not-all-good-things-come-in-threes department: Words. Like flowers, they need to be collected and pressed onto pages of books. And blogs. Then again my lawn needs to be mowed and it’s not like I’ve done that either, so get off my freakin’ case AZROLB! *whooosah* OK. So last time I wrote stuff here was after I [...]