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Archive for March, 2012

Vienna IX – Day 6

We took it easy today. We were both nerds in front of computers this morning. I had one last slide to add to my training material; Terra had some catching up to do. We picked up a few missing necessities at the Billa. Here’s something odd: though the Billa is open, some products are not [...]

Vienna VIII – Day 5

Today we spent moving from one apartment to the other and doing touristy stuff. We spent the morning packing and moving the rest of our stuff to Marcelle’s so that we’d be out of the old place by 11h00. Then went out looking at sights, such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral (see earlier post for pics). [...]

Vienna VII – Day 4

Today’s big attraction: Haus des Meeres! It’s an aquarium type zoo with nine floors. First, you go up to the top and admire the view of Vienna: Then you go down one floor at a time, checking out the exotic fish and animals in the various aquariums and terrariums.   I took several videos with [...]

Vienna VI – random day 5

Quickie post!  St. Stephen’s Cathedral: … and this one I like just because of the sun effect:

Vienna V – Day 3

We are lazy folk, especially in the morning, and today was no different. You might think a couple of Canadians vacationing in Europe might get up and out early to see as much as they can, and lots do, but that’s just not our style. This is our apartment’s washing machine. We’ve been trying to [...]

Vienna IV – Random day 3

Lunch! Boursin was 1,99€.  Maybe 1/3 the cost at home. Other options than just garlic and fine herbs, too.

Vienna III – Moar Pictures

A quick post to share more pictures and experiences (before we head out to collect more new pictures and experiences :) (didn’t turn out great … cell phone camera only focuses in the center, which in this case is a dark doorway full of no contrast … there is no half-press focus :( ) Here’s [...]